A black leopard was photographed for the first time since 1909 – Will Burrard-Lucas

The images are extremely rare. A black leopard was photographed at Laikipia Wilderness camp in Kenya, reports Guardian. The photos, made public Monday, are the work of English photographer Will Burrard-Lucas. The latter first met with the inhabitants of the region who had followed in the footsteps of leopards. Then, Will Burrard-Lucas set up a camera trap to try to make snapshots of animals after dark.

The first days were not successful. But the photographer's patience was finally rewarded. Will Burrard-Lucas has made the first images of a black leopard for over a hundred years. The last picture of a cat of this type dates back to 1909. The shot was made in Addis Abeda, Ethiopia.

"I quickly looked at the pictures of the last trap, without much hope. But browsing the pictures, I saw a pair of eyes in the dark night … the black leopard was there! Will Burrard-Lucas explained on his blog.


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