A bleeding Cristiano Ronaldo refuses to leave the match against the Czech Republic | Video

Cristiano Ronaldoforward of the selection of Portugalreceived a strong blow by rival goalkeeper Tomáš Vaclík while both dispute a ball in the area. Despite of incessant flow of bloodthe member of Manchester United he refused to leave the field.

Cristiano Ronaldo collided with Vaclík, who came out armed; he ended up with a bloody face. He returned to the field amid applause from the public.

– Professor Herrera (@Profe_JHerrera) September 24, 2022

The shock was generated in a dangerous play where the goalkeeper of Czech Republic he went out with his fists in search of the ball, but what he found was the Christian’s face. After the contact, the star player from Portugal fell to the grass with a heavy bleeding which required the immediate assistance by the Medical bodyaccording to information reported on ESPN.

After a couple of minutes that were required to stop the flow of blood, ‘El Bicho’ he returned to the match refusing to leave his selectionact that was applauded by the rival fans in the Fortuna Arena where the meeting was held UEFA Nations League Group 2.

Despite the spectacular nature of the injury, the striker was able to continue without any difficulty and was key in an important 0-4 victory with a brace from Diogo Dalotand solitary goals from Bruno Fernandez and Diogo Jotaaccording to the specialized sports media.

Portugal is leader of its groupimmediately followed by Spain, Switzerland and the Czech Republic that with defeat remains background of your group.

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(With information from ESPN)