A blessed era in the Diocese of Würzburg is coming to an end

Würzburg. For 163 years, the Franciscan Sisters of Maria Stern, affectionately known as “Lieseli” in the vernacular, worked in the diocese of Würzburg. This era came to an end on Saturday. Sister Pia Frey, Sister Jolanda Scheubner and Sister Ludwina Poth, who had previously worked at the Elisabethenheim in Würzburg, were bid farewell at a service in the Haug Abbey parish church. “Anyone who looks at your life’s work will understand that it is also possible today to live the ideal of a holy Elizabeth,” said Vicar General Dr. Jürgen Vorndran. As a token of special recognition, he presented Sister Pia Frey, who ran the Elisabethenheim children’s home from 1976 to August 2021, with the Caritas Cross in gold awarded by the German Caritas Association.

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Representatives of the Ursulines, the Rite Sisters, the Oberzell Franciscan Sisters and the Redeemer Sisters, as well as families of the Teutonic Order, numerous priests and representatives of the Caritas Association took part in the service under strict corona protection requirements. In his sermon, Vicar General Vorndran pointed out that the three Maria Stern sisters who had passed on that day, like Saint Elizabeth, drew from the fullness of God. “Today, we would like to thank you for the credible testimony that you have given in our diocese over the past decades and that your religious community has given in a total of 163 years.” The three nuns have made the chapel of the Elisabethenheim the place of power of their vocation. Simon Kuttenkeuler, managing director of the Elisbethenheim, emphasized that the Elisabethenheim had been “under a good star” for 153 years. For the families of the Teutonic Order, Vice Commander Dr. Dr. Thomas Richter for the hospitality that the Maria Stern sisters have given them on a regular basis

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Provincial Sister Ludowika Lenz recalled that the first Maria Stern Sisters began their service in Hammelburg in 1858 in the area of ​​the Diocese of Würzburg. “There were other foundations, in the eleventh place in 1868 sisters came to the Elisabethenheim. Our ministry is now complete. ”She thanked everyone who worked with the sisters to make this happen. Lenz presented the vicar general with a book on the history of the order.

Sister Ludwina Poth worked in the Elisabethenheim since 2003. Before that, she was an educator in the Marienstein Children’s Village and for more than 20 years head of the kindergarten in Margetshöchheim. Sister Jolanda Scheubner had worked in the Elisabethenheim since 1956, first as a trainee, from 1964 as a religious. She first learned to be a seamstress, then a dressmaker. She later qualified as a home educator, caretaker, specialist textile teacher, trainer, geriatric nurse and nursing manager. She headed the convent there for 27 years. Sister Pia Frey had been active in the Elisabethenheim since 1969, initially in kindergarten. From 1974 she worked as a curative teacher and group leader in the children’s home, in 1976 she took over the management of the children’s home. mh (POW)

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