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A blind footballer writes football history


Goal of the month A blind footballer writes football history

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Blind football league Blind football league

Serdal Celebi plays for FC St. Pauli

Source: pa / dpa / Fredrik von Erichsen

Only he dribbles skillfully, then slams Serdal Celebi from FC St. Pauli the ball into the goal angle. The ARD spectators chose the goal for the goal of the month – for the first time wins a blind footballer.

SErdal Celebi from FC St. Pauli has immortalized himself in the football annals. As the first blind footballer, the 34-year-old Hamburger has scored the goal of the month. The proud winner experienced the announcement in the circle of his teammates and the other teams, with whom he had been on Saturday at the Hamburg blind football masters just on the court. "When the result was set, I suddenly lost contact with the ground because my coach and supervisors picked me up," Celebi said.

"If you win the thing, then you're happy. Because that is a great advertisement for blind football, "said the veteran of the German vice-champion. He has recently gained popularity as a candidate for the every month since 1971 elected goal of the month, Celebi said. "So many interviews I have not yet given my life," he said recently in a WDR radio show.

Celebi leaves national team behind

The hitherto largely unknown physiotherapist has left well-known figures such as World Cup and international Marvin Plattenhardt (Hertha BSC), top-flight pros Jonas Meffert (Holstein Kiel) and Mike Frantz (SC Freiburg) as well as Kai Druschky (Chemie Leipzig) behind. In the championship final of the blind footballers against MTV Stuttgart (1: 2) he managed the honorable goal for defending champion FC St. Pauli.

Celebi had the ball rattled a couple of times before he hit the goal in dribbling a few times from left to right, then hit the left foot high in the corner. "Many people told me that this was a very nice goal," said the former international. You can work that out – even without seeing anything – "I train more often zig-zag movements."

Through radio contact he hears where he should shoot

Like all blindfooters Celebi plays with blindfold. This achieves the same conditions for all actors, because some still have a few percent vision, others none. The initially visually impaired Celebi lost his eyesight at the age of twelve due to retinal detachment. But how can you even score a goal of the month? "A guide stands behind the gate and gives hints where to aim. That's something you can orient yourself to, "he explained.

The German international hopes that the previously little noticed blind football at least something comes out of the sinking. With his goal, he has caused a stir nationwide – and stirs therefore the advertising drum. "It's a dream, I know!", Celebi emphasized, "but maybe there are some sponsors who want to invest some money in our sport." Because he can not live on that!



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