A BOLA – After the ridiculous dismissal, Pepa’s farewell message (Saudi Arabia)

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Pepa abandoned the technical command of Al Tai last Sunday, with the ridiculousness of having been aware of the dismissal through the announcement on the club’s Twitter. Even so, and after the Saudi club published a video of Pepa saying goodbye to the team, the Portuguese coach also released a farewell message.

«It’s time to say goodbye to Arab football, thanking those who have always been by my side and made me feel at home. Anyone who knows me knows that I’ve always wanted to train in a foreign country. I always thought that getting out of my comfort zone, testing my ability to adapt and communicate in such different contexts could only make me grow as a Man and as a Coach. As Nelson Mandela said: “I never lose. I win or I learn », he wrote, then explaining:

«The initial objective that was presented to me at the club was to ensure maintenance, we started the Championship in an exciting way (until the stop for the World Cup), reaching the Top 3 of the Saudi Pro League. The Players showed passion and enthusiasm for the idea and the team benefited from it. Perhaps we have set our expectations too high at the club. From my first day in Saudi Arabia, I dedicated my heart and soul (as always) to a project that posed several constraints: language, culture, lack of infrastructure, planning, organization or lack thereof, a tremendous challenge. I always kept a positive spirit and a smile on my face, on long trips, in training camps, in training, in games, always with the intention of helping in everything for the evolution of Arab football.”

«I leave with serenity, with the feeling that I did everything to defend the interests of the club», he concluded, wishing «the greatest successes» to Al-Tai.

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