A BOLA – Consummated the merger between Cova da Piedade and B SAD (B SAD)

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The merger between Cova da Piedade and B SAD is consummated, following the approval, at the last General Assembly of Piedans, of this solution for the two clubs. (Rui Pedro Soares for B SAD and Paulo Veiga for Cova da Piedade) spoke to journalists, in a press conference, about the agreement between the two entities.

Rui Pedro Soares began by talking about expectations regarding this project: «We are very excited, as we will proudly compete as Cova da Piedade SAD. We have very good expectations regarding this partnership. And we believe it will succeed. Next season we will fight to go up and we hope it will be from second to first; however, if we go down, we will try to move up from Liga 3 to Liga 2. But we believe that we will remain, not least because, in the last 10 games, we have scored 14 points; this growth of the team was already expected.”

In turn, Paulo Veiga was also equally happy with the partnership: «We always aspired to compete again at a professional level and we always want to be at a level where we would not be if this understanding did not exist.»

In the last meeting, the members of Cova da Piedade approved this solution with 62 votes in favour, in an assembly with 105 members. «The Board believes that this is the solution. We did not notice a divergence of significant size and I even received some messages of congratulations from those who voted against, so we believe that we will be successful», explained the president of the Piedense SAD.

See the photos in the gallery above (Rui Raimundo/ASF)