A BOLA – Dragons announce the result of the bond loan (FC Porto)

“A highly successful operation.” – This is how Fernando Gomes, administrator of the SAD of FC Porto and vice-president of the club in charge of finance, summarized when talking about the bond loan, whose subscription period ended last Friday.

According to data revealed by Euronext, the objectives of reaching 25 million euros in new bonds and the same amount were achieved in an unprecedented operation to exchange securities of the loan that matures in November 2023.

“I confess that we were a little apprehensive initially because it was the first time that we launched a bond loan with the right to exchange bonds from an old loan for a new one. We were looking to reduce the impact of a bond loan that matures in November 2023. This first part was a success, we reached the amount we wanted and minimized the impact of the new bond loan from 65 to 40 million. The second part was to get a treasury boost in the order of 15 million, which could reach 25 million, which happened. This loan therefore reaches the amount we wanted of 50 million and we are pleased with a successful capital market operation using small investors. And we would like to thank the CMVM, Euronext and above all the banks that played a very important role in the exchange operation here. And also to small investors, because they are the essence of the success of FC Porto’s bond loans», highlighted Fernando Gomes, quoted by the club’s website.