A BOLA – Portugal thrashed Bulgaria on the way to the Worlds (Women’s Football)

Unquestionable victory of the National Team in Bulgaria. The rout was built with goals from Ivanova (in own goal), Jessica Silva, Diana Silva, Diana Gomes and Carole Costa (penalty), and allows Portugal to reach 10 points and remain in 2nd place in group H from qualifying for the 2023 World Cup, just behind Germany, who lead the way with 12 points.

The next commitments of the team of quinas are scheduled for November, with two games at home: Israel (25th) and Germany (30th).

Remember game movie:

End of match: Bulgaria 0 Portugal 5.

90+3 minutes: Fátima Pinto, on the edge of the area, shoots hard, but with Shahanska’s figure.

An additional four minutes of minimum additional time was allowed.

89 minutes: cross from the left of Carole Costa and Diana Silva, heel (!), allows a great save for Shahanska.

82 minutes: fair Gotseva and Alexandrova, entram Atanasova and Koshuleva.

78 minutes: Dimitrova is sent off for accumulation of yellow cards after committing a hard foul on Jessica Silva.

76 minutes: Portugal’s goal! Carole Costa, in the transformation of the penalty kick, increases to 0-5.

75 minutes: penalty for Portugal. Boycheva knocks down Francisca Nazareth, inside the area, and Alina Pesu automatically points to the 11 meter mark.

74 minutes: sai Georgieva, entra Zheleva.

73 minutes: Sai Dolores Silva, Fatima Pinto enters.

70 minutes: Portugal’s goal! Right corner of Suzane Pires and Diana Gomes, with the knee, makes 0-4.

70 minutes: Jessica Silva’s cross from the right and Francisca Nazareth’s shot for a great save by Shahanska, for a corner.

68 minutes: Diana Silva and Andreia Jacinto leave, Carolina Mendes and Suzane Pires enter.

66 minutes: Pencheva yellow card.

62 minutes: fair Dinieva and Penkova, between Pencheva and Atanasova.

58 minutes: Catarina Amado and Andreia Faria leave, Tatiana Pinto and Francisca Nazareth enter.

57 minutes: Portugal’s goal! Mistake by Razhgeva and Diana Silva, at the entrance of the small area, shoots for the 0-3.

52 minutes: Ana Borges and Diana Silva’s cross from the right, after fleeing from the opposite direction, shoots at Shahanska’s figure.

Beginning of the second part.

Break. Portugal is beating Bulgaria, 2-0, thanks to goals from Ivanova (in own goal) and Jessica Silva. In a one-way game – just once the Portuguese defense was put to the test, but Alícia Correia resolved the issue (Inês Pereira hasn’t made a defense yet and has been a mere spectator) -, the team of quinas has been playing a very pleasant football , playing from foot to foot and exploring the two flanks, and, from this width, there have been several dangerous situations for the opposite goal. As a matter of fact, Francisco Neto’s team could even have a more comfortable advantage on the scoreboard. With this partial victory, Portugal remains in 2nd place in Group H of the qualifying phase for the 2023 World Cup, just behind Germany, who this afternoon thrashed Israel (7-0) and kept the two points of advantage with which he entered this journey.

45+2 minutes: Carole Costa, with a free-kick, has a well placed shot, but the ball goes slightly over Bulgaria’s goalpost.

45+1 minutes: Dimitrova gets a yellow card, for a foul on Andreia Faria, on the edge of the box.

38 minutes: excellent cross from the right of Jessica Silva and Diana Silva, in the center of the area, in front of the bad exit of the Bulgarian goalkeeper, heads slightly over the bar.

31 minutes: Jessica Silva was knocked down by Ivanova, on the sideline of the penalty area, Alina Pesu aimed, at first instance, for the penalty mark, but, shortly afterwards, she reversed her own decision and ended up giving a free-kick in favor from Portugal.

29 minutes: Ana Borges’ corner from the left and Diana Gomes’ header from the penalty spot, slightly to the left of Shahanska’s goal post.

24 minutes: Bulgaria’s first offensive appearance, with a cross from the left by Aleksandrova, but Alícia Correia, well positioned in the center of the small area, avoided bigger problems for Inês Pereira’s goal.

23 minutes: Dolores Silva shoots hard, from a distance, but the ball goes over Bulgaria’s goal.

After the first quarter of an hour, Portugal already has a two-goal lead (Ivanova, in own goal, and Jessica Silva) and controls the match. In addition to their greater offensive propensity, Francisco Neto’s teams are also very reactive to the loss of the ball and, therefore, do not allow for great pretensions to the Bulgarian team.

15 minutes: an excellent pass from Ana Borges to Diana Silva who, already inside the penalty area, shoots for Shahanska’s beautiful defense.

4 minutes: Portugal’s goal! Another cross from the right, this time by Diana Silva, and Jessica Silva, in the center of the small area, leans towards the 0-2.

3 minutes: Portugal’s goal! Crossing from the right of Ana Borges and Ivanova deflects to own goal. 0-1.

Start of match.

Our de Portugal: Inês Pereira; Catarina Amado, Diana Gomes, Carole Costa, Alícia Correia, Andreia Faria, Dolores Silva, Andreia Jacinto, Ana Borges, Diana Silva and Jéssica Silva.

eleven from bulgaria: Shahanska; Ivanova, Boycheva, Dimitrova, Razhgeva, Gotseva, Georgieva, Dinieva, Penkova, Petkova and Alenksandrova.

Referee: Alina Pesu (Romania)

assistants: Petruta Iugulescu and D. Constantinescu

4th referee: Roxana Recorean

The women’s National Team faces this afternoon, in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, counting for the fourth round of Group H of qualifying for the 2023 World Cup.

It should be remembered that despite the Bulgarian team being in last place in the group and still without any points conquered, the coach Francisco Neto rejected any favoritism from the team of quinas, which follows in second place behind Germany.