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A BOLA – Xeka targets Tiago Djaló: «He left aggressively» (France)

by archyw

It was one of the episodes of the day in France that crossed borders. The disagreement between Xeka and Tiago Djaló, Lille’s teammates, prompted a reaction from the former, which was justified after the two players were sent off after hotter tempers before the break.

The friendly game against Belgian Kortrijk (1-1) ended with the Gallic team with just nine players after a bright move between the two players.

“I just wanted to explain myself about what happened during the game. I made an observation to a fellow I never had to worry about, but he felt offended,” wrote Xeka on social media, leaving a guarantee: “However, I never insulted or disrespected him. At the half-time whistle, he started towards me aggressively and I simply tried to defend myself.»

Finally, the Portuguese midfielder left an apology to the fans. “I apologize to the fans and the club for this situation and for this attitude that was never part of my career. Everyone who knows me knows I’m not aggressive at all. I can have a strong personality, but always with good intentions», he concluded.


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