A bombshell about Agustín Canapino shakes Argentine motorsports

After becoming champion of the Tourism Highway in 2018, Agustin Canapino He packed his bags and traveled to the United States to fulfill a dream. He had been summoned by Ricardo Juncos to run the 24 Hours of Daytona, something that was going to end up materializing in January of the following year and leaving a great image by finishing in seventh position in the mythical stage.

Years passed, the Titan continued to win races and championships in Argentine motorsports, but at noon this Monday a real bombshell came to light that has the Arrecifes driver as the protagonist. It is that, during the Carburando program, Leonardo Regueira said that Canapino will travel to North America again to meet with Juncos, since there is a great chance of joining the IndyCar on a team car driven by the Argentine.