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Nationalgeographic.co.id—A 10-year-old boy in China stumbled across a dinosaur egg fossil. At that time he was playing near a river in Héyuán City, Guangdong province.

The little boy’s name was Zhang Yangzhe. When he found the fossil, Zhang was playing near an embankment near the Dong River.

According to reports LADbibleAt that time Zhang was trying to find something that could help him crack the walnut open. Zhang loves science and has always been fascinated by dinosaurs. So this was a major discovery that he will likely remember for the rest of his life.

While digging in the ground to find something that could crack a walnut, the boy saw a “strange rock”, report The Sun. The stone was buried in the red earth and he dug it very carefully.

The Daily Mail reported that at first Zhang thought the rock might be a piece of cement. Because, the stone has a “circle” on its surface.

After examining it further, Zhang finally realized that it was something unusual. He then suspected that it was a dinosaur egg, based on its special shape.

Zhang told local media that “I have learned this knowledge in books and in the cultural corridors of the school,” Ladbible reports.

Zhang then called his mother, Li Xiaofang, to help him understand what he had found. His mother agreed that the son might have found a dinosaur egg.

They then immediately contacted the local museum about the find. The two of them also stood guard at the scene until experts arrived on the scene and secured it.

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Dinosaur egg straddle layer from research.

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Dinosaur egg straddle layer from research.

Experts immediately confirmed that the strange rock was an egg fossil. In the following days, they began excavating the site where Zhang made his discovery.

During the excavation, they found ten more eggs identical to the ones the elementary school boy had found. They determined that Zhang had found a dinosaur nest because dinosaur eggs were found in a small area. The fossilized eggs are about 9.1 centimeters in diameter.

Experts have taken the eggs for further examination at the local Héyuán Dinosaur Museum. The amazing eggs are believed to be 66 million years old.

Huang Ding, previously director at the local Heyuan Museum, stated that “the fossils date back to the late Cretaceous period.” This was the era before the mass extinction of the dinosaurs, about 65 million years ago.

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The extinction of the dinosaurs left a riddle about the origin of the asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago.


The extinction of the dinosaurs left a riddle about the origin of the asteroid that hit Earth 66 million years ago.

Ancient Origins reports, finding rare dinosaur nests is not uncommon in the city of Héyuán, which has a population of three million. Previously, many dinosaur fossils, especially their eggs, were found in the city.

according to The Sun, due to the abundance of dinosaur fossils found in the city, ‘Héyuán has come to be known as China’s “house of dinosaurs”.

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The first major discovery of dinosaur eggs was in 1996, also near the Dong River, where the schoolboy found them. Then in 2015 workers laying sewage pipes found more than 40 dinosaur eggs.

The Daily Mail reports that “more than 17,000 dinosaur eggs of which have been excavated in the city.” More than 10,000 of these eggs are now stored or on display at the local Héyuán Museum.

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