A bra detects breast cancer early

In 2020 alone, a total of 34,088 new cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in Spain, according to the Fundación Spanish Breast Cancer Research Group. This type of tumor is the most common in women of this country, that is why continuing to investigate its cure and early detection is essential.

Pompeu Fabra University organized together with Banco Santander the explorer program, through which students from their faculties create their own innovative projects. In the 2022 edition, the winners have developed UBRA, a bra capable of early detection of breast cancer and other breast diseases.

This invention has been developed by a group of ten researchers and developers from the university itself. UBRA consists of a smart bra that sends the data it analyzes to an application. These data, collected by sensors, are sent to the application via bluetooth.

Then the application, which incorporates artificial intelligence, is able to analyze them. Among the pathologies that this program can identify, monitor and detect early is breast cancer, so common nowadays, and other breast diseases.

This system intends provide the user with relevant information about your health status. In addition, with their analyzes it will be possible to improve the current treatment and approach to the disease. The processes will be streamlined and the current overdiagnosis and overtreatment will be avoided, as they say from the university.

On the other hand, the students claim that, with the speed and early diagnoses that would be achieved with their smart bra and its application, the escort services and women’s health programs improved considerably.

The UBRA project has been developed by ten college students: Marina Sánchez, Sara Peláez, Sofya Abramchuck, Andrea Amorós, Helena Garví, Blanca Méndez, Selene Gil, Martina Llorens, Mary Cruz Hernáiz and Mercè Bonjorn.


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