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A brand of rewinder keychain is coming to festivals

by archyw

By Vincent Trouche

Bordeaux native Nathalie Jarlan has created a company specializing in the retractable keychain. The harmless object is making its way into festivals in the region and becomes customizable

It is the kind of object which one does not suspect the interest of before having tried it, but “I could not do without it”, assures Nathalie Jarlan. She created the Feuzzz brand dedicated to the retractable lighter holder, “but you can also hang keys, a lipstick, a marker …”

The object made up of a small hook, a round part containing the reel, and a soft plastic tip in which a lighter can be inserted is designed to always remain handy, hanging from the loop of pants or the strap of a bag. “I discovered that a lighter could last two or three months,” laughs Nathalie.

The idea came to her in the 2010s, when she volunteered to provide merchandising for the Medoc festival Reggae Sun Ska. Small winders were on sale and the object seduced her. She reappropriated it, decided to decorate them with different patterns to adapt them to all tastes. Today, it offers around fifty models sold for just over 3 euros each.

Custom models

Above all, it now ensures the personalization of the reels from an order of ten. And if the objects are sold to individuals on her website (“around 200 per month”, she estimates) and in a few outlets, it is the wholesale purchases for companies or festivals that provide her with an income. For each customer, a personalized model.

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It is thus with the Bordeaux association Allez les filles which organizes Relâche, with the Reggae Sun Ska of course, Musicalarue too. Something to delight this music lover, bassist in a punk band and regularly volunteer at these musical events.

If the business manager is from Bordeaux, the reel comes to her from China. “But I’m not ashamed at all, assumes Nathalie. I used a sourcer and have been working with the same company for ten years. They have good ethics. »And then some of the decorative stickers are now printed in Bordeaux.

Contact : [email protected], www.feuzzz.com

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