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A Bridezilla, epic brawls and that infamous wine – litter: How the real New Jersey housewives were better than ever

Let it know Andy Cohen reads his damn feed

The man responsible for providing the world with everything related to Real Housewives has a special sixth sense of knowing how fans feel about each season or star of the series. Of course it helps that he deals with them on social media on a daily basis See what happens live,

Nevertheless, the fans were questionable when he tweeted in September 2018 The The real housewives of New JerseyThe upcoming season was "KILLING ME, you guys will be so happy, it was all."

Then he doubled, maybe he felt some skepticism and posted on November 1st:

"I am nine episodes in the new[[[[Real housewives from New Jersey]Season and it is the best for years. No clunker in the bunch. Everyone shoots at all cylinders, "he tweeted. Many laugh. A lot of drama. "

Again, the judgment of our Bravo Lords and Redeemer was called into question. Had not he seen the last two seasons? Had he not heard the vows of fans they had broken up with? RHONJ? Was he aware of the cries of clearing up that once infallible house? Teresa Giudice had built? Why should one hope for the turnpike, when? The real housewives of New York City basically moved art? Did he lose his Midas touch?

Minutes before the premiere of the nine season, which aired on November 7, 2018, Andy took one last time Twitter to campaign for the new season.

"I know you guys think I hype from every HW every season, but I have a strong feeling because Jersey was always the perfect HW and we had some bumpy seasons, but it's back," he wrote. "Family, fun, drama … it's all here, and it's all unmistakably JERSEY."

Well, an hour later, Andy proved that nothing is gray in this garden state. The real housewives of New Jersey proved that there is still a lot to fight. And Dolores CataniaWelcome to Danielle Dust– "Welcome back, bastard!" – almost felt like a message to the doubters.

The numbers are also on the show page. The season's premiere attracted 1.18 million viewers and 0.5 ratings in the adult 18-49 demo. The penultimate episode aired on February 6 had the same demo rating and an increase in the total number of viewers, a rarity for most television shows in the age of streaming and endless options.

How did it work? RHONJ do the impossible and come back better in nine seasons than ever before?

Learn which leaps from the past must stay in the past … and which ones to manage

The only smartest move of the producers of RHONJ it was not ever bring Danielle Dust back as a full time member, much to the chagrin and surprise of the fans, when it was first reported that she would be back in the eighth season.

But they had metaphorically put their hand on the burner last season and did not want to make the same mistake again Jacqueline LauritaThe hyped return as a full-time housewife came and went with a whimper. Her rediscovered feud with Teresa was more stinging than the black water the Manzo boys and her husband had tried to enter us years ago, mostly because Teresa did not even seem to bother, one Turn your fingers, not to mention a table to her emotions over her former beast. The original star just could not get hung up and left the show again.

Danielle Staub, Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 8 Reunion

Charlie Sykes / Bravo

But back to Danielle, the original actress, who has not yet been named a full-time star since her return, staying in Bravo's no-man's land, a friend of the housewives.

After Teresa infamously called her "a prostitute whore" and later urged Andy to join her in a reunion attempt, her reconciliation in 2016 sent shockwaves through the fandom. The last time they were in the same room, Tre Andy had literally bumped into the reunion of Season Two to get to Danielle. Now they did yoga together ?! Danielle returned to the show, and it was like that.

But viewers saw a restrained Danielle, at least initially. She proved to be a faithful ally of Teresa and a thorn in the eye of Dolores. It turned out that it was just her warm-up, just because she had just started, baby.

In the ninth season, Danielle shot at all cylinders, fueled the drama, burned bridges and turned into the ultimate Bridezilla, while Melissa and Margaret served as co-stars as bridesmaids, while Teresa was, of course, her matron honor.

A really dark spice added to this already potent mix was the fact that before the season came the news that Danielle, who was previously engaged 20 times, and her new husband Marty Caffrey They divorced and it would be clearly ugly. When Marty screamed that he "dialed" Danielle about his children, who "disliked" them (the night before their wedding, by the way!) Much like the opening scene of a horror movie.

They found the right newbies

In season seven, Dolores, a longtime friend of Teresa and Melissa, who had come in and out over the years, was introduced along with them Siggy Flicker, They were ripe! They were fun! They were … kind of boring ?! Dolores is an anchor, so a basic force. As an expert on professional relationships, Siggy has resolved battles quickly and has not started. Although they are refreshing in the real world and conducive to television drama, these features are not.

Then Siggy decided to completely swing in the other direction in the eighth season … and it all felt very forced. Her departure after two seasons was genuinely welcome. It was time.

When it was announced that two new members were joining the show, people had their reservations, because the franchise has a long, storied history of new-and-ready newbies, women who can not make it into established ones Classify group organically. New JerseyThe newcomers have quickly taken up this challenge.

"There are two new girls that are amazing, it's so hard to recruit new people." jersey, We're a family, it's very hard to fit in with us … bringing other people along has always been difficult and I think we've found it, "Melissa told E! News before the start of the season." These two girls are so opposite, that's crazy. One is a bit like Teresa and I feel a bit like me, so it's just funny and it works. "

Jackie Goldschneider, a former lawyer and mother of two twin couples, who now populates a parent column, came out of the gate vigorously, proving that she was not afraid to do what many women could not do before her: stood up to Teresa and called the last NJ OG stands out, if no one else wants.

No wonder Melissa really connected with Jackie.

But as the season progressed, she was a fellow student Jennifer Aydin proved to be RHONJ'S secret (tequila-driving) weapon. Married to a plastic surgeon, Jennifer is proud of her Turkish descent, mother of five, and her home is three times the number of bathrooms (16, to be exact). She also becomes a completely different person when she is drinking and / or traveling with the women. A fascinating feature we learned during the season when Jen showed signs of brilliance for the first time on her trip to Oklahoma.

Fresh from a trip to Turkey with her family, and still from an article Jackie wrote about her in The Bergen Record, "Gives too many presents, are you spoiling kids?" Jennifer decided to make the elephant the most frequented on the party bus to appeal deliciously dramatic.

She presented all the ladies with gifts she had bought on her trip, and handed Jackie a bag that was surprised to find a small dagger. Jennifer explained it was an ancient weapon "people use when they want to stab people in the back, so I thought I'd give you something tangible so I can see how it comes next."

You. Did. The.

The only lady who did not receive a gift was Margaret Josephs, whose gift was "lost with the bride of the mail order business," a direct reference to a comment made by Margaret on Jennifer's brother's upcoming arranged marriage.

But that only scratching with Jennifer on the surface, and we'll talk a bit about her martial arts. But she remembers Teresa from years gone by, something OG Teresa herself noticed, which seems to have made Jen seem well under her well chiseled wing.

After all, Margaret herself must have respect, which radiates a touch of freshness in the same direction Dorinda MedleyIntroduction to the later seasons of The real housewives of New York City, Love her or hate her, she is all by herself, adult braids and such, and it's hard to imagine the show beforehand or without her.

Shared a cast

One of the pleasures of watching Real housewives Series are the ever-changing and unreliable alliances and friendships that form among women. Today's BFFs today are the deadly enemies of today are the enemies of tomorrow.

Unfortunately with New JerseyIt has the added drama provided by the family dynamics. (Who can forget it? Caroline Manzo"Tony Soprano style that dominates the Fambily businesses in previous seasons?

But then something unimaginable happened: Teresa and Melissa got together (at least in front of the camera). After the release of Teresa from prison, the sisters-in-law finally seemed to come to an agreement and stopped playing an endless tug-of-war Joe Gorga, And then they got closer, as Teresa and Joe's beloved mother Antonia Gorga, deceased in March 2017.

It was heartwarming! But it was also a buzzkill when it came to their role models on the screen. As a united front, they simply could not, one that usually refused to quarrel with each other. It was an unrivaled game by Red Rover … until the right ladies broke through as the line-up was clearly drawn during season nine and the sisters-in-law seem to be on the opposing side.

Just look at the seating arrangement for the reunion, which was shot in early January.

On a couch we have Jackie, Marge and Melissa. On the other side Teresa, Jennifer and Dolores. (Danielle is likely to press right next to Teresa or on her lap if she's ever released.)

It's a gulf that has brewed all season. Dolores has recently summarized them in one episode:I think you can say that for sure We three here understand many values ​​of the old school. And the other side of the group may not do it. "

She then went on "It is not easy to find women with the same values ​​of the old school and the same thinking that you have. So, if you can somehow find that you put more on it and want to hold onto it. "Or stay with it.

Fights (finally) done right

"We're Italian from Jersey," Melissa said in season nine. "We love hard, we fight hard and we go hard."

But let's be honest: it felt like the women had weakened us. Tre discovered yoga and dealt with the Namaste. Siggy (or should we say "Soggy Flicker", her nickname would never come over her) would not stop raising that damn cake. Kim D. (the girlfriend / cockroach of this series) bravely tried to bring the drama to their annual fashion show Posche, which was once the highlight of each season and now a sad reminder of the glory days.

Was there, did that, turned the table over, ladies.

In the ninth season our expectations were low. Be ashamed of us, because these women really have everything on the pitch this season. They have been beaten almost several times, and their performance on their recent trip to Mexico was high to celebrate that Teresa's fitness contest is finally over, so she can drink housewives work again, Dolores even boasts of the officials After Show"Best fight in the history of housewives, do not tell me it's not."

As time passes, it was definitely a true eternal fight at the ladies' last dinner in Cabo, when the topic of conversation somehow turned to Margaret and Danielle's recent altercation, and the latter broke the group's "golden rule" : They do not talk about the children or families.

As she preoccupied Margaret with her tense relationship with her children, Margaret threw her red wine and not the glass at Danielle, which basically became catatonic.

It also gave us that weird line of Danielle, a woman who was known to have broken one or two wine glasses in her day … and literally right after Margaret had thrown her wine, "I would never throw red wine."

But the ladies were not finished when Jennifer's alter ego came out again when she was accused of throwing a glass of Melissa and said, "If I throw a glass, you'll know, honey!" Then she promptly threw a glass with Melissa, usually cool, calm and collected, threatening, "You got angry with the wrong girl."

When the two appeared face-to-face, a security guard (whom we rarely see in the franchise) stepped in, and Melissa finally went away.

BUT WAIT, it was still not over when Dolores said that Jennifer should get her "ass kicked" because she had broken a glass. "Who the hell are you?" She asked rhetorically and Jennifer immediately replied, "I'm the one who does not take it, that's me." (We would like to use this moment to really appreciate the existence of tequila.)

Somehow, nobody ended up in the hospital or in jail at the end of the night. And we did not even mention that this was the second big fight of the trip when Margaret and Jennifer made the group's first attempt to make a civilized dinner when a drunken Jennifer called the necklace they were buying for Teresa. "f – king ugly" (in front of Teresa, who has just opened her present) because they had not gone to her brother, a jeweler, to buy it.

When Margaret told her to relax over the cocktails, Jennifer replied, "Baby, I'm on the point of being nobody's concern."

What followed is this exchange, which from today should be taught in all schools in history lessons:

Margaret: "Really, so your fat King Liner looks like a monkey's hole!"

Jennifer: "The asshole of a monkey you suck! Probably!"

Yes, one adult woman screamed that another adult woman "probably" sucked the hole of a monkey in a five-star restaurant. How lucky are we in life right now?

It turned out that the ladies had just warmed up when Margaret and Jennifer started the dinner for the "second round" the next day. Jennifer called Margaret again for her comment "Mail Order Bride" and then told her family story of infidelity. (A fight they had already during the group's journey to a winery.)

"You know what, so your husband sleeps in the big pool house," Margaret claimed and said "word on the street", he has a girlfriend.

Answer by Jennifer "You should better close the F-K with it." (Margaret immediately apologized and said she had hurt Jennifer, but this reaction …whoa, As Marge said, "hit a nerve?")

If you do not believe, it is only the ladies who bring the drama to this season New Jersey Men were running for their money, in particular the Braustreiterei between Marty and Joe BenignoMargaret's husband, who first started when Marty gave Joe a drink before his wedding. The two were almost beaten before Joey (Gorga), a man who once attacked his brother-in-law at the baptism of his son, helped dispel the tension.

However, their rivalry did not remain in the Bahamas when it became hot as the men discussed the struggle of their wives in Cabo.

Marty suspected Margaret was turning against Danielle because "she's jealous … there's no reason why Danielle is jealous of Margaret, there's no one who looks any better than her." Margaret does not want to go to a room with Danielle because nobody will look around Margaret. "

Again, Joey had to get in and hold Joe back. It is important to note that they were present at a 13-year-old concert Life lip-synching music debut.

STILL, this is just a taste of the main course, as the preview of today's finale shows that Joe, a grown man, is pushing Marty, also a grown man, into a pool with Jennifer and her husband's anniversary celebration.

Sometimes, God Andy Cohen gives with two hands.

A will-you-or-don't-you want

Let's all admit that we want to see Dolores and her ex-husband / BFF Frank Catania reconcile. Seriously, how are these two not working together, co-parent AND Living together?! Even the other women are amazed at their unusual relationship since they divorced after being unfaithful in pregnancy. (OK, we can admit how terrible that is!)

"I like the way it is because Frank is emotionally my best friend," Dolores said this season, confessing her current (rarely seen) friend Dr. David Principe is "very careless" when it comes to the emotional aspect of their relationship. "The way he is with me gives me the opportunity to become what I want to be."

Frank (obviously still in love with Dolores, so much so that he tattooed her name on his body !!!), also talked about her relationship with Teresa and said, "Just because she's not my wife does not mean that she can do it. " Let me be my best friend. "

But when Teresa pointed out that our Dolores were using him as an emotional crutch, Frank said, "Honestly, it would destroy me if I did not know it, and I was on my way to move forward."

It's so rare to see exes getting along so well that we do not know how to think about Frank and Dolore's future. (Sorry, sorry, Dr. David.)

The rap career of Milani Giudice begins

Do we have to explain it? You and Fetty Wapwho memorably narrated Tre's 13-year-old daughter that her abilities were "fired", knows why. And if you do not know it, you know it now.

Fireworks on reunion

RHONJThe reunification of season nine will be aired next week, but is already making headlines, as a source told us that Teresa had confirmed during the recording that she and her husband Joe Giudice "We go our separate ways" when he is pushed back to Italy after being released from prison in March 2019.

Boom. That's pretty big, especially considering the insanely low divorce rate RHONJbecause these women are riding or dying for their husbands.

A source at Reunion Taping tells People"Teresa told Andy that Joe will not leave when Joe is deported, she said that she and Joe talked on the phone and that he understood."

Apart from this bomb, the fans can expect an explosive reunion.

"Reunification will blow you away, definitely one of the most aggressive I've ever seen," Melissa teased on Instagram while Jennifer told us recently, "Jennifer told us reunification is on fire … it was an explosive reunion. I was nervous all the time. "

And if Jennifer is nervous, we should all be very nervous … and excited.

The real housewives of New Jersey Finale will be broadcast today at 21.00. on bravo.

(E! And Bravo are both part of the NBC Universal family.)

Do not miss E! news every weekday at 7 o'clock, only on E!


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