A Brief History of Marcel Broust ‘s Lost History


Excerpts from Marcel Broust’s Lost History, where we strive to be good at following up on our site, excerpts from Marcel Broust’s Lost History, Dear Visitor, The latest news from Marcel Broust, where we search for the latest and most important news from all the websites and news agencies. Variety News: Excerpts from Marcel Broust’s Lost History , To view them On our site, excerpts from Marcel Broust’s Lost History, so you can follow everything new in the news world. الأحد 15 أبريل 2018 09:44 مساعدة الأقتصادي The story of the search for lost time is one of the novels of the French writer Marcel Broust, and has won this novel is widely known and has been translated into several languages ​​around the world, including Arabic, and tells it Marcel for real events occurred in the past and reveals many secrets. About the Author Marcel Broust: Born in Paris in 1871, Marcel is one of the most prestigious families in Paris. Initially he studied law and literature. After completing his studies at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, he began writing short stories and articles for French newspapers. He published the first A short story in 1896, the story of the pleasures of the days. He was described by some critics as an isolated person from the world. He lived a cruel childhood, starting with asthma and even his mother’s death in 1905, , And used the period of isolation to devote himself to the composition of stories and novels, and one of the most important and famous works is the novel of the sea For the missing, which is one of the most important works of literary gallimaufry to this day time. About the Search for Lost Time: The novel The Search for Lost Time was published between 1913 and 1927. The author divided it into seven parts, about five thousand pages, and was described as the greatest writer of the twentieth century, and we can point to the seven Parts in a brief image are as follows: part One: It is titled “The Side of Swan’s House” and tells about the beginning of his life in France and the obstacles he faced. The second part: Titled “In the Shadow of the Spring of Girls”, was published in 1919 and won the Goncourt Prize in the same year. the third part: It bears the name “side of the house of Garnet” and was published in 1921. He talks about war and military service. part Four: It bears the name “Sodom and Gomorrah”. Fifth part: The name of the prisoner, and in this part the critic criticizes some layers of French society. Part 6: The name bears. Part VII: It is called “Time Regained” which was published in 1927 and speaks of Paris during the First World War. Excerpts from the novel Search for Lost Time: Even the very simple act that we call “seeing someone we know” is an intellectual act in part. We fill the physical appearance of the object that we see in all the concepts that we carry it, and these concepts certainly occupy the largest part of the overall appearance that we imagine, and it is known to blow the cheeks completely and follow the line of the nose by sticking to it accurately and succeeds to a large extent in the tone of the sound as if not The latter is only a transparent cover so that each time we see this face and hear that voice, we get back to receive these concepts and hear them. Habit! She is a skilled but very slow master who starts handing over our pain for weeks at a makeshift shelter, but we are nevertheless happy to find her because without the habit, if limited to his own means, he will be unable to make any habitable home, Around us imposed by our certainty that it is the same and nothing else, and because of the stalemate of our idea in exchange for it. We thank you Ali Hassan for our follow-up, various news: excerpts from the novel Search for the lost time of Marcel Broust, do not forget the admiration of the pages of the social networking sites of the site, to receive you the latest political news, economic, sports and technical news from the economic site, extracts from the novel Search for the lost time Marcel Broust. Source : Al-Mursal


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