A British family travels to Turkey to spend their holiday at a cost of 4000 pounds .. And when they arrived, the shock was

EXCLUSIVE TRANSLATION: A British family say their £4,000 five-star vacation was ruined when they contracted a mysterious illness in Turkey that sent their five-year-old son to hospital.

In detail, according to the Daily Mail, Sherry Smith, a 43-year-old mother of two, had not eaten for five days, had no food and barely any water.

“We saw the hotel doctor, and when he examined me and touched my stomach, I was screaming in pain,” she says.

Sherry was initially excited about her vacation at the Delphin Imperial Resort on Lara Beach, Turkey, with her son, daughter and husband, but on the second day of the trip she claims that everyone in the family except her daughter has an upset stomach.

She says they spent the next five days in excruciating pain during the flight she had booked with Travel Republic agents.

Doctors in Turkey put the five-year-old on antibiotic solutions, but without even the doctors knowing what the disease was exactly, with clients conducting an investigation.

Unfortunately for them, travel chaos delayed their flights for hours in both directions.

Sherry says: “I’m so angry because this is a family vacation that I paid so much money for, and it was ruined.

She added: “We basically couldn’t get out of bed and hallucinated with a fever, but I didn’t want to go to the hospital because I was worried I’d be stuck here for weeks after that.”

She added that a blood test showed that he had a serious bacterial infection.