a Briton wins the jackpot of 215.8 million euros, record in the United Kingdom

This is the first time that a British player has managed to grab such a large prize pool.

Another winner for the UK. A Briton won the 215.8 million euros at stake on Tuesday at Euromillions, becoming the biggest winner across the Channel in the history of this lottery. The winning numbers for this draw were: 3 – 25 – 27 – 28 – 29, with 4 and 9 as lucky stars.

The previous record win (nearly 200 million euros) at Euromillions in the United Kingdom was achieved in October 2019, and the big winner had decided to remain anonymous, remember The Guardian.

The record is 220 million euros

This gain of 215.8 million euros is the second largest gain recorded at the Euromillions since 2004, the year the lottery was created. The record remains held by a Polynesian player which won €220 million in October 2021.

A quick reminder of the rules: to win the jackpot, you must tick the correct boxes in the grid, the five numbers in the grid and the two lucky stars.

You can also find the official EuroMillions results on the French Games website.