A bug to unlock the iPhone 13 by the Apple Watch

The iPhone 13 arrived at its first users this Friday and many complain of a problem with the feature “Unlock with the Apple Watch” which obviously does not work at all at all for some. Introduced with iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4 last April, this handy feature allows the Apple Watch to be used to unlock the iPhone when the Face ID facial recognition system detects that the user is wearing a mask.

With the iPhone 13, many encounter an error message when activating the feature: iOS displays “Unable to communicate with the Apple Watch”, while the latter is unlocked, worn on the wrist and the iPhone is also unlocked.


No one has found a solution for this problem yet: restarting the iPhone or Apple Watch has no effect, as does unpairing then re-pairing or resetting certain settings. It seems that we are in the presence of a nasty bug that only a future update of iOS will fix …

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