A bug when activating new iPhones

Be careful when activating… Some users are unable to correctly configure the latest iPhone, Apple has recognized a bug and explains how to work around it!

The lucky ones among you might have been able to get your hands on the new iPhone models quickly. If you haven’t already, we invite you to discover our first impressions of the iPhone 14 Pro.

On the editorial side, we had no problems during activation. Which wasn’t the case for everyone when getting started with the new iPhones. After numerous user feedback, Apple was quick to react and provide a solution.

A bug related to wifi

After a short analysis of user feedback, Apple realized that the common point between all the customers concerned is that they tried to activate their iPhone 14 on an open WiFi network. This doesn’t affect all new model owners, but this bug can be annoying. Indeed, the majority of activations are carried out on WiFi networks secured by protections, WPA and WPA2.

As a workaround, during the activation process, users must choose “Connect to a Mac or PC with iTunes” when asked to connect to a Wi-Fi network. Then return to the page previous one and try again over Wi-Fi until the activation completes successfully.

Do not open an incident

Currently, this is the only option available. Apple also asks its own teams not to open a support case. This anomaly is unfortunate since the pre-ordered iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max models are already shipping to customers around the world.

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The new iOS 16.0.1 update fixes some iMessage and FaceTime activation bugs on iPhone 14.

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