A Bugatti owner betrayed how much it hurt to maintain his car

Wherever we live on the planet, if we buy a Bugatti, the factories won’t let us down. They will arrange for servicing our car, and in the end their pencils will be thick. We know all this from the fact that a Bugatti owner in Singapore collected the numbers and took notes in his square grid booklet.

Muhammad Al Qawi Zamani shared the cost of a Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport with the general public, and a very hefty amount is already in the front row at the purchase price, asking $ 3 million for the limited edition piece.

With the factory maintenance package, we get ten trained Bugatti mechanics who travel anywhere in the world to do the job, plus they provide a telephone “help desk” that is available 24 hours a day.

The first oil change will take place at 16,000 kilometers, when the team of ten will appear at our garage. Spent lubricating oil is replaced with Castrol Edge Fluid Titanium Technology SAE 10W-60, along with filters and 16 drain plugs. This stunt costs EUR 21,271, or HUF 7.6 million.

A Bugatti owner revealed how much it hurts to maintain his car 2

For those who find this expensive, be prepared because the first oil change is just warming up.

The manufacturers are also willing to replace the brakes for drivers with nervous legs, who are also on the racetrack. In principle, the rims must also be replaced every 16 thousand, a set of these fluffy wheels is EUR 42,641 (HUF 15.2 million). The Bugatti would give a new tire every 16-18 months, here are the options for the owners: Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3, Michelin Pilot Sport PAX, or Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 XL are available, but neither set stops below two million forints.

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A Bugatti owner revealed how much it hurts to maintain his car 3

After 42-48 months of ownership, the four Garrett turbos will be replaced, in addition to which, if the machine has already been dismantled, the coolers will also be snapped out. This stunt is 22,170 + 18,718 euros, ie 40,000 single European currencies (14.3 million forints) among friends. Then they even review the engine controller and, if necessary, set a few values ​​to make sure they all have 1,500 horsepower for 8.7 million forints.

Surprisingly, this is when the fuel tank replacement comes in. Since it consists of rubber, several layers of kevlar, by this time it reaches, and the devil is not asleep, the safest exchange is another 37,437 euros (13.4 million forints).

A Bugatti owner revealed how much it hurts to maintain his car 3

Did the windshield get gravel? Well, this is bad news, the exchange could come for another HUF 18.3 million.

In four years of daily use, with three oil changes, two sets of wheels, and the listed mandatory changes, the final amount will be 407,577 euros (excluding taxes, wages, shipping costs), ie it will cost Bugatti to spend a narrow 146 million forints. The owner also revealed that loyal bugattis can get a 30 percent discount, and whoever treats the car as an investment and doesn’t skim it on a daily basis will swim much cheaper, so it will cost roughly $ 30 million in 14 months.

It’s a dizzying amount, but let’s not forget, we are talking about a car worth 920 million forints, so it is in the same proportions as maintaining any type of premium with extra services. Just more of zero.

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