A bus crashed into a cliff in Italy

A bus ended up on the cliff in Italy, after the collision with two cars, at 4 am on Sunday, on the A16 Naples-Canosa highway. The toll of the accident was one dead and 14 injured.

According to rainews, the injured were transferred to Avellino, Benevento, Ariano Irpino hospitals. An ambulance also arrived at the scene of the accident. Shortly after 9 a.m., traffic was restored on the portion of the highway where the accident occurred.

How did the accident happen?

The accident happened when the Flixbus bus collided with two stationary cars due to a collision. The bus driver swerved to the left, heading for the guardrail, to avoid the collision, but ended up on the slope, which, fortunately, is not particularly deep.

Three other cars, which were following the bus, ended up running into the cars that were stopped in the middle of the roadway. So far, the tally of one dead and 14 injured, of which two are particularly serious. One of them is reportedly in danger for his life.

It started from Lecce bound for Rome

The Flixbus bus had left Lecce and was heading to Rome Tiburtina. The bus carrying 36 passengers and two drivers was recovered by the fire brigades of Avellino, Bisaccia and Grottaminarda during operations coordinated by the provincial commander Mario Bellizzi.

Three of the 14 injured – two particularly serious – were taken to Ariano Irpino, three to Avellino and the remaining eight to Benevento. Bus and car passengers who did not need to seek medical treatment were accommodated in the municipal gymnasium of Grottaminarda (Avellino).

Testimony about the traffic accident in Italy

“Everyone was sleeping – said one of the bus passengers, a young man from Lecce – we were woken up by the hard braking and then the crash when we collided with cars before ending up on the cliff.” The young man, who was then to continue his journey from Rome to Florence, has a severe bruise on his back.

Photos from the accident

Source: Rainews

Source: Rainews

Source: Rainews

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