A call for witnesses launched by a group of Gardois to identify the side effects of the vaccine

For a week, five billboards in Nîmes, especially on the road to Arles or at the Jardiland roundabout, ask this question: “Victim of side effects of vaccination against Covid-19?“and give an answer”Report!“, followed by an email address.

An initiative taken by a group of Gardois skeptics about vaccination and the information relayed by the government about side effects.

“The real information does not come to us.”

In front of the four-by-three poster, Alain, who lives in the neighborhood, stops perplexed: “It’s oriented! It’s made by an individual to fuel antivax sentiment.” He doubts the scientific basis for this call for witnesses : “Anyone can answer anything, I can write that I vomited three days after the vaccine and that’s it“.

Michel, another passer-by, disagrees. For him, It is a good initiative : “Since they will never give us the real information on TV anyway, someone has to.

The lack or even the retention of information on the part of the government is also the argument of the Gardois group at the origin of this display. Anonymous, together they named their initiative ANRES, National Side Effects Referral Agency.

One of them, a business manager near Nîmes, explains the motivations of this entity: “We obviously have a doubt about the level of information to which one has access. I’m not saying we’re surrounded by lies, I’m just saying we don’t know. So that forces us to take action. If the truth doesn’t come to us, we have to go get it.

“Irregular menstruation and heart problems”

While the postings have only been up for a few days, the group received lots of emails. Without specifying exactly how much, the Gard entrepreneur says: “we even received emails from Switzerland and Italy“.

With the help of a doctor who is part of their group, the group identified two very often cited side effects in testimonials:First there are the menstruation problems in women : heavy periods that do not stop for several months or nothing at all. Next, heart problems, including strokes.

According to the Gard prefecture, this display is not illegal, no incitement to hatred or violence.

The question above all arises of knowing how the group is going to use the personal data collected. “We have a lawyer in the team who helps us to do everything in the rules“, assures the Gard entrepreneur.

In the next few days, he confirms that an ANRES website will be created and that other displays will bloom everywhere in France.