A campaign to improve working conditions in the cannabis sector | Cannabis: the effects of legalization

Les United Weed Workers [Travailleurs unis du cannabis–traduction libre] want to inform workers about their rights, help them organize and improve their working conditions.

In a statement, the group said employees told it about concerns about the lack of protective equipment against COVID, companies that lacked an adequate strategy to prevent theft and violence, and problems with theft. salary and benefits.

In the agricultural sector, workers have failed to organize despite their efforts because of government interventions and issues related to migrant workers, the United Weed Workers argue.

The organization of the campaign comes following the unionization of employees at Canna Cabana and Tokyo Smoke Rymal, two stores in Hamilton.

During this process, links were created with stores in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta. Since then, write the United Weed Workers, other stores have successfully taken steps to unionize both in this city and elsewhere.

Based on information from CBC’s Bobby Hristova

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