A candidate for a position, a family; Congress Organizational Draft Resolution | Congress

Congress organizational draft resolution with proposals including a position and a candidate from a family. The resolution also calls for a new post in the AICC as General Secretary to oversee election preparations.

The working committee which met yesterday discussed the resolution to be presented at the think tank which will start on Friday in Udaipur.

The proposals in the draft organizational resolution are similar to those put forward by political strategist Prashant Kishore.

The resolution proposes the post of General Secretary to oversee election preparations in the AICC, the Coordinating Committee to oversee moves on election work and alliances, and the Political Affairs Committee at the national level. Start preparations for the Lok Sabha elections soon. The resolution also proposes to determine the candidates for the seats lost in the last election next year, to classify the states as mobile app, organizationally strong and non-organizational to assess the performance of the leaders, and to appoint grassroots organizational secretaries in the challenging states.

The resolution also called for a ban on discussing intra-party issues in public, restructuring the media and training colleges to teach party ideology to activists. The resolution was prepared by a committee convened by Mukul Wasnik.