a candidate, private detective, admits to having followed Nagui

Baptiste was dethroned by a very promising new candidate. The latter scared the terror of her life on Nagui, by making him revelations that made her blood run cold. Back to the secrets of the young private detective.

In the Thursday, April 29, 2021 issue of “Don’t forget the lyrics”, Stéphanie won against Baptiste, who took over as Maestro. The private detective in took the opportunity to reveal to Nagui that she had followed her.


A remarkable number, which aroused the strong emotion of Internet users of France 2. Baptiste, who had been the champion of the karaoke game for more than three weeks, lost his clash facing Stéphanie.

After more than 20 victories, Baptiste leaves with the tidy jackpot of 160,000 euros. The latter lost his duel against Stéphanie, due to a small mistake while singing the chorus of his song.

A small blunder that allowed his opponent to take the lead in the race and win. As usual, the pretty candidate made a grand entrance on the Nagui show.

However, by revealing that she works as a private detective, she aroused the curiosity of the star host of France 2. Nagui then decided to ask a few questions on the profession of its competitor.


Nagui wanted to know if private detectives were using hideouts and cameras to track their targets. He also hoped to know if detectives were investigating cases of infidelity or flagrant crimes.

Stéphanie then made a little joke which to Mélanie Page’s husband, who made him very uncomfortable.

“I’m already doing my job well because you never noticed that I have already followed you …”,

found the young candidate.

Nagui, known for his respondent, was quick to react to Stephanie’s reply. He asked the candidate to continue following him, although he looked a little worried.


Baptiste, the former “Don’t Forget the Lyrics” champion, is a real television star. The young man discovered the good sides of being famous, but also the bad ones. Back on the insults and the reviews it has received.