A carnage of more in Kabul



At least 95 people were killed and 158 injured in a bomb attack in the ambulance trapped Saturday 27 January in Kabul, according to the afghan ministry of Health. The taliban have claimed responsibility for this massacre, which comes just a few days after the siege of the intercontinental Hotel in Kabul in which 22 people were killed.

The explosives were operated at a checkpoint of the police in a high traffic area, ” explains The Kabul Times. This is the detonation of the deadliest in the afghan capital since may, 2017.

In an editorial, the newspaper afghan The Afghanistan Times points the finger at Washington, pointing out that the series of terrorist attacks in the course is “after that the us government has criticized our neighbour Pakistan for its role of protector of the taliban, the Haqqani network and other terrorist organizations who are fighting in Afghanistan. These attacks could certainly be a response to the statements of the president Trump against Pakistan. It is very clear that the bomber was trained and armed in the territory of pakistan, because the taliban have there of a protected sanctuary and training centres.”

A hypothesis also advanced by The New York Times,, which reminds us that Donald Trump has decided in early January to put pressure on Pakistan by suspending using the safe provided in Islamabad. Many afghan leaders feared an outbreak of violence in retaliation.

“The afghan government and the United States, the main support of Kabul, seem to be unable to fight and prevent terrorist attacks more deadly against our poor people, continues in The Afghanistan Times.

the leaders of The government are discharging their duty by condemning the attacks, and us officials are repeating the same sentence, namely, that they will not let Afghanistan turn into a sanctuary for terrorist organizations. The Afghans are hearing this phrase for over ten years, in the mouths of presidents Bush, Obama, and now Trump, while being killed and wounded daily by the attacks. What do the american authorities […] ? They dare not put pressure on Pakistan to close the training bases of terrorists.”

As noted in The Guardian the series of attacks being made more than three years after the United States president Barack Obama officially declared the end of the american war in Afghanistan. And just two months after general John Nicholson, in charge of the american mission on the spot, said that Afghanistan had “turned a corner” with the sending of new soldiers by president Donald Trump.


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