A case of avian flu detected on a seagull in Strasbourg

This is a new case of Avian Flu in Alsace, after that detected on a swan in Village-Neuf
(Haut-Rhin) at the beginning of January. This time the virus was discovered on Monday January 30 on a black-headed gullfound dead at Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin), in the Neudorf district.

Sheltered farms

The prefecture of Bas-Rhin issues an order to prevent the appearance of this virus highly contagious in surrounding farms. A control area temporary is set up within a radius of 20 km around the place of discovery of the bird. In total, 83 Bas-Rhin municipalities are concerned, in which are set up “reinforcement of biosecurity measures (sheltering), reinforced monitoring of farms (laboratory analyses) and adaptation of hunting activities (decoys of waterfowl and game birds)”.

The temporary control zone will only be lifted within 21 days if no signs of bird flu are detected on the farms, and no cases have occurred in the meantime. Any mortality of wild birds in this area, without obvious cause, must be reported to the departmental branch of the French Office for Biodiversity at the following number: 06 07 69 91 31 or by email at [email protected]

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