A cell phone in the bathtub led to a fatal electric shock


Health hazard: electric shock from mobile phones in the bathwater
A cell phone in the bathtub – this is a common utensil for pastime. But that is not without danger, as health experts warn. Last year, for example, a 14-year-old girl died of electrocution because she bathed with her cell phone and it fell into the tub. Parents should therefore encourage their children to put the phone at least when bathing aside.

Electric shock while bathing In the US, a 14-year-old girl died because she took her cell phone in the bathtub. The teenage girl from Lubbock, Texas, was electrocuted as the phone hanging from the charging cord fell into the water. The family of the deceased now wants to warn other teenagers and point out how dangerous electricity and water can be.
With the smartphone in the bathtub? In the US, a girl died from electric shock because she bathed with her cell phone. The phone fell into the tub, but still hung on the charging cable. (Image: WavebreakMediaMicro / fotolia.com)
Telephone in the bathtub According to her family, 14-year-old Madison Coe went to the bathroom with her cell phone.
The teenager’s mother and grandmother said the girl had been in the bath and taken the phone, which was hanging from a charging cable that was plugged into the socket.
“There was a burn on the hand, the hand reaching for the phone. It was obvious what had happened, “said the grandmother.

Girl was declared dead in the hospital The local police did not want to confirm or deny anything. According to “KCBD,” the officers were summoned to help at lunchtime and found a girl who was unresponsive.
On-site and during transport to the hospital life-saving measures were carried out, which ultimately failed. In the clinic, the teenager was declared dead.
Strengthening awareness of the danger “This is such a tragedy that does not have to happen to anyone. We want to do something good out of it all and raise awareness of not using a cell phone in the bathroom that is plugged in and charging, “said the grandmother.
“We have to be sensitized. We have to teach our children that electricity and water do not belong together, “said the grandmother, mourning for her granddaughter, whom she called her” star star. ”
“She is greatly missed by all of us. She has a special place in my heart. ”
After an electric shock necessarily to the doctor Electric shock can have dramatic consequences for people – even if it does not take place in the water.
So, among others life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias that sometimes lead to a ventricular fibrillation.
Then the heart beats so fast that it no longer effectively pumps blood into the circulation. The consequence can be Cardiac arrest be.
In addition, there is a risk that the current tightens the pulmonary musculature, which in the worst case leads to respiratory arrest.
Health experts advise you to go to the doctor after an electric shock, even if you’re supposed to be fine. Because cardiac arrhythmias can also occur late.
However, if you like complaints directly after an electric shock palpitations . Herzstolpern , Breathlessness or cramps in the chest, the rescue service must be called immediately.
If you use a cell phone in the bathwater, you should never connect it to the mains for charging. “Battery-operated devices such as smartphones, laptops and e-book readers pose no danger in the water due to the low voltage”, if they are not connected, confirms Dieter Haentzsch, Professor in the field of electrical systems and equipment at the University of Magdeburg-Stendal , (sb, ad)


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