A chance for life: A foster family is being sought for the abandoned Bulgarian girl from Ukraine

A one-and-a-half-year-old Bulgarian boy, abandoned immediately after his birth in Ukraine, came home to us.

The institutions have been engaged in the case for more than a year and managed to get the child out of the conflict zone.

As of today, this little girl is not alone, she is warm and receiving round-the-clock medical care. It is located in “Slancho” – a family-type center in Ruse.

“A very nice, radiant child. She behaves very well, moves, sits, smiles, holds out her hands, is sociable”, says Milena Nedelcheva, director of United Children’s Services “Slancho”.

In order for the Bulgarian to come to Bulgaria, a number of institutions have been involved with his fate for more than a year.

“Information came from Ukraine that a child was abandoned, and his parents are Bulgarian citizens, at the same time, the Ukrainian state cannot take care of this child for a long time,” said Dr. Teodora Ivanova, chairwoman of the State Agency for Child Protection .

“Dozens of people from Bulgaria, Ukraine and Poland are dealing with this removal”, added Dancho Michev, Directorate of “Consular Relations” at our Foreign Ministry.

After a long journey, the child has been in Ruse since yesterday.

“He was immediately examined by our pediatrician, fed, put to sleep, during the whole journey the child felt well. She stands up on her feet, can take a step with the help of an adult. He is just a charming child”, said Galina Bisset.

The child is premature. It was abandoned in a hospital after birth, and the parents signed an adoption agreement.

“Now there is a lot of work ahead in Bulgaria. Adoption is a last resort, so we have to work with the parents,” said Teodora Ivanova.

In order for her to be in a family environment, a foster family is yet to be found for the girl.