a charter to regulate the noise of nightlife on the beach

In an attempt to find the right balance between these contradictory desires, the municipality has drawn up a nightlife charter, presented on Wednesday May 11 at the Espace de l’Océan. In the room, the bulk of the troops were mainly made up of traders from the Chamber of Love and the Golden Sands. Others came from the heart of the city, like Eric Ducourneau, from the Jungle café, in the Busquet sector, or from more distant beaches, such as Laurent Salles, from Arrantza, near La Madrague.

Four chapters

In the eyes of the mayor, the long period of Covid-19 has undoubtedly “made some Anglois discover and appreciate silence and tranquility”. A reflection group was set up with elected officials, representatives of professionals and technicians of the city in order to establish this nightlife charter.

His signature is voluntary. No hostility arose during his presentation. It is made up of four chapters: rules of good conduct for operators, commitments by the City, commitments by the State and monitoring of the application of the charter.

Essentially, the first chapter takes up the elements of the regulations in force with regard to the preservation of public order, respect for the environment, rules of influence on the public domain, the fight against alcoholism, drug addiction and non-discrimination. It is also up to operators to train their personnel in these measures.

Article 4 of the first chapter, by far the longest, deals with the fight against noise pollution. It indicates that those responsible for places open to the public undertake “to take all necessary measures to ensure that the noise resulting from their operation is at no time the cause of annoyance for the neighbourhood. »

11:30 p.m. cut-off time

Those who broadcast amplified music on a regular basis (twelve times a year at least or three times over a period of less than thirty days), must be able to submit, at any time, a noise pollution impact study in accordance with the regulations.

These businesses are required not to do so after 11:30 p.m. and must take the necessary soundproofing measures imposed by the regulations and request authorization from the mayor, for any entertainment, musical or not, when this takes place. outdoors.