a child bats two balls at once

| 30/06/2020 – 7:59pm (GMT-4)

The video of a boy allegedly hitting two baseballs at the same time has gone viral on social media since the images began circulating this week.

“I don’t know how he did it … but he did it. The ball from outside fell onto the fence at the exact moment it was swinging at the launch … it hit both balls … crazy! ”Says a netizen in a Twitter post.

Apparently, the minor was able to hit a ball returned to the batting area by someone from outside the field, while hitting the pitcher’s pitch, resulting in an extraordinary event that has captured the attention of Internet users.

The protagonist and the place where the singular event occurred are not identified in the video.

So much so, that the video already reaches close to a million views, in addition to 25 thousand likes, and has been shared more than 5 thousand times. Similarly, it generated a large number of comments, some skeptically.

The images also surprised Manu Ginobili, a former NBA star and winner of four titles with the San Antonio Spurs. “Crazy! I looked at it about 10 times! ”, Expressed Ginobili when sharing it.

Some users thought that the boy, in fact, only hits one of the balls, while the other falls on the ground at the same time that he swings with the bat, which, seen from the angle in which the At the moment, it might give the impression that he was hitting both simultaneously.

“Do we have to spoil everything? This is a great video, why can’t we just leave it at that? Man, you have no life, great work, child, incredible moment, “commented one of the Internet users to the publication.

“Here we go with the experts who doubt that the dirty ball has been hit. It is very obvious if you have good vision. If you can’t say, you need to make an appointment, “said another.

“He didn’t hit both balls. You can clearly see the ball outside hitting the ground and bouncing if you slow down the video, never make contact with the bat. Lying by influence, nothing new on the internet, “said another user.

“The odds of that happening are once in everyone’s life. No, like everyone in the history of the world. It just happened, and I’m glad it was filmed, “concluded a fourth netizen.


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