a choice of reason against the Galaxy A53 5G?

Sold 50 euros more than the A32 5G when it was released, the A33 5G is beefing up its game on all points. We go from a 60 Hz LDC screen to a 90 Hz AMOLED panel, a more polished design, a second speaker, a better camera and faster charging. Add to that an IP67 certification plus four years of Android updates, and you’ve got a phone that’s built to last.

All is not perfect, however. We wouldn’t have said no to stronger performance to ensure a little more responsiveness on the phone. Nothing alarming however if you do not intend to play on your mobile. Without offering a charger in the box, Samsung could also beef up its game on fast charging.

We recommend the Samsung Galaxy A33 5G to anyone looking for a smartphone offering a balanced user experience with an excellent interface and the guarantee of enjoying future updates for a long time. Maybe wait for a price drop before you start.