“A city battle” –

Mobilize immediately for the hospital of Gallarate, with a common action of the political representatives of the city, going beyond any partisan division.
This is the appeal of the Gallaratese regional councilor Luca Ferrazzi (Lombardy Migliore-Letizia Moratti), who returns to denounce the “emergency situation» of the hospital.

“Faced with a problem that needs to be solved urgently, and which is too important for there to be divisions, I make a public appeal”, explains Ferrazzi, who is currently contacting the political leaders of Gallarate (from the councilor regional Francesca Caruso to his fellow councilor Giuseppe De Bernardi Martignoni to the mayor Andrea Cassani, but not only) to try to present a unique document in the Region.

“A common position of all Gallaratese politics can represent added value and have more strength” proclaims Ferrazzi. Who explains: “Our hospital serves a catchment area that goes far beyond the city, and has an extraordinary history. Until the construction of the new single hospital takes place, we must prevent this now clear and obvious crisis situation. you slide the structure of Busto Arsizio with an avalanche effectwho is already suffering today”.

The other regional councilors elected in the province of Varese may also be involved. Starting, however, from Gallarate: “It must become a battle of the city – insists Ferrazzi -. Very often politics says that you have to create a system, that you have to defend the territory. Well this is an amazing opportunity for Gallarate politics and for Gallarate to give a proof of maturity devoted to citizens.
Gallarate Hospital cannot afford to experience such a situation”.

Ferrazzi sits in opposition to the Pirellones, while the other elected representatives of Gallarate are in the majority. So “I won’t arrive with prepackaged documents, I don’t want to record anything, but I would like us to have a common position. Avoid exploitation and divisions and make a request for urgent intervention in a very concrete way”.

The hope is to be able to meet again very quickly:The hospital must be saved. We write a text, a position that represents the whole city and our entire territory. Even citizens have now understood that this is not a matter of ordinary administration, but we are talking about the functionality of the hospital. A public response for a catchment area that we estimate at 350-400,000 inhabitants is the priority question. The time has come to be able to cushion the situation, with emergency measures that the Region can implement to help the General Manager reopen our departments.

2023-05-25 20:10:09

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