a class of nursing students took up residence in the convent of Peltre

Back to school this Monday, August 30, for the new promotion of nurses from the CHR of Metz-Thionville, in particular in the new site of Peltre. The hospital is already training 350 nursing students at its three sites in Metz-Saulcy, Thionville and Briey. But this is not enough to cover the needs in the region. “We train for the entire Moselle and even Lorraine health fabric: public and private hospitals, the liberal world, establishments for the elderly … But some of these staff find their happiness abroad, especially in Luxembourg.“, deplores Marie-Odile Saillard, the director general of the CHR.

After three years of fighting, Marie-Odile Saillard obtained 150 additional places, which were opened in two stages: first September 2020, then February 2021. To accommodate them, a fourth site was opened within the Mercy Hospital. Corn there was still a lack of space : here is a fifth site, in a wing of the convent of the Sisters of Providence in Peltre, which has been specially fitted out to accommodate this new class of 1st year.

Investing in the future

Marie-Odile Saillard knows that she will have to wait a little longer before being able to recruit these future nurses: they will only graduate in three years. “The health crisis has just damaged us. The shortage of nurses that we observed before the crisis has increased“, explains the director general of the CHR.

We need these extra promotions even more

Among students, the crisis of the Covid-19 has not affected their motivation nor their choice of career. “They don’t turn their backs on paramedical careers, as you might think“, rejoices Marc Fioretti, director of care and head of health schools at the CHR of Metz-Thionville.”They are even very enthusiastic!

The students were welcomed by Marie-Odile Saillard, the general director of CHR Metz-Thionville © Radio France
Julie seniura

Some come from Moselle, others from much further, according to the places allocated by Parcoursup after the bac. Elodie for example, comes from Reims, and would like to become a pediatric nurse, attracted by “the human side of the job, and versatility: we get richer every day, both professionally and personally“. Anthony, he already has experience: he was a caregiver in Aix-en-Provence.”I worked with a lot of nurses, and that made me want to evolve in my career. I want to become an emergency nurse, specialized in Smur [unité mobile qui intervient en urgence en dehors de l’hôpital, ndlr]”.

No need to offer vaccination: all the students did it on their own

The premises of the convent are rented by the CHR, which has spent 150,000 euros to adapt them to the training, especially for video lessons. And despite a few christs here and there, the teaching will be very secular!

As for the vaccination against Covid-19, you don’t even have to think about it for Marie-Odile Saillard: “We thought to put an exceptional vaccination center on this return day. It was not necessary since the whole of this promotion is vaccinated. This is a very good sign for us. It says a lot about the sense of responsibility of youth“. Classes can begin, the first internships in the field will take place in October.


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