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“A climate of tension that we thought had disappeared”

by archyw

The mayor of Anglet and president of Republicans 64 comes to the support of his Luzian counterpart, attacked by a group of independentists during the ceremonies

Following the July 14 celebrations organized in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the mayor of Anglet Claude Olive, president of the Republicans of the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, reacted on Monday, July 19, by means of a press release. He describes “extremely serious” facts: “Radicals tore up tricolor flags in front of the war memorial, chanted slogans hostile to France and affixed a banner with soiled French and Spanish flags crossed out in black on the gate of the town hall. “

Taken to task, the mayor of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Jean-François Irigoyen, had torn off this banner, until the police intervened to calm the game between the separatists and him. The mayor of Anglet speaks of slaps received by his counterpart from Luzien and recalls the nature of the National Day, “which celebrates the French Republic, indivisible, secular, democratic and united”. “The protesters are trying to divide our society,” he adds.

Also, Claude Olive condemns “strongly these actions by recalling that our territory is an integral part of the French Republic and that nothing justifies such acts, which refer to a climate of tension which one believed disappeared in the Basque Country”.

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