a cluster identified in Pau, finally attached to the Basque Country

The first outbreak of covid-19 contamination looks like a false alarm. This Tuesday, ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine indicated in its bi-weekly report that a “cluster”, at least three confirmed cases in a close circle, had been identified in Pau. After verification, these would be people actually residing in the Basque Country or in the Landes!

“A real puzzle to piece together”

The ARS of Nouvelle-Aquitaine that we were able to reach this Tuesday evening indicates that these people, from Ossès, in the Basque Country, and the Landes have undoubtedly come to be tested in Pau, and that by a somewhat hasty classification“, they were counted as forming the first source of contamination detected in Pau.

It’s a real puzzle to piece together, people living in the Basque Country, but also friends of their own from a sailing club on the coast, and others from the Landes“, continues the ARS, which is still working to trace the chains of contamination of this” Basque-Landes “cluster. Nevertheless, the ARS Nouvelle-Aquitaine invites you to be extra careful during this period, where there are signs of a rebound in the ‘epidemic.

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