a collective of scientists and academics attack the management of the crisis believing that it has caused more harm than good

These personalities are expressed in a white card published by Le Soir and La Libre Belgique. The open letter is written by a collective from the medical, academic, legal, economic, education and information worlds (heads of clinics and hospital services, medical professors, medical specialists but also lawyers and economists). It is aimed at political decision-makers.

“The current management of the health crisis shows a lot of flaws and too many inadequacies”, attacks the collective. According to him, this management is “singularly lacking in clarity and transparency”. “Confining healthy people has no scientific basis, and confining sick people with healthy people could have favored contamination between people living under the same roof,” he says among others.

The collective also denounces the economic impact of the measures taken. “Fifty billion have evaporated; never has so much money been invested to save so few lives, even in the wildest estimates of the number of supposedly averted deaths. “

The signatories also question the legitimacy of the experts currently in charge, “whose selection criteria remain until now unknown and misunderstood”. They therefore call for the urgent establishment of new working groups, integrating all the sectors concerned.



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