a complaint for “spreading false news” against the police headquarters

A complaint with the constitution of civil party for “spreading false news” was filed this Thursday, October 28, against the Paris police headquarters and its spokesperson, according to information from France Inter.

The version of the police headquarters called into question

This complaint is lodged two months after shots by BAC police officers hit a motorist and his passenger on the night of August 15 to 16, in Stains. New images revealed by The world and disseminated by France Inter question the version given by the police headquarters just after the fact.

On August 16, during the day, the spokesperson for the Paris police headquarters explained in a video posted on Twitter, that following a “Refusal to comply, the police came to check the driver of a vehicle who, after switching off the ignition, switched on the ignition and suddenly reversed, hitting the police officer who was in protection”.

No police hit in the new video

However, in this new video, neither of the two police officers is hit by the car of the motorist in question. This is what the lawyer of the motorist Me Yassine Bouzrou puts forward, who specifies that neither of the two police officers claimed to have been struck by the vehicle when they filed a complaint.

A judicial inquiry has been opened for “willful violence with a weapon by a person responsible for public order”. The motorist and his passenger are accused for “refusal to comply” and “attempted homicide on a person holding public authorityThe General Inspectorate of the National Police (IGPN) is also seized.

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