A complete turnaround in the relationship between Andrea and Kubrat (PHOTOS)

The relationship between the former lovers Andrea and Kubrat Pulev has undergone a complete reversal. Until recently, the folk singer insulted him loudly on social networks, spreading accusation after accusation, which is more scandalous. And today – only 3 months later, the singer advertises the T-shirts, which are among the advertising materials of the boxer in the store on his website, writes varna24.bg.

In May, the blonde created a sensational fair with the revelation that the boxer, with whom they had a relationship for 13 years, had a mistress. Following the revelations of infidelity on his part, it quickly became clear who the new woman next to the boxer was, and Andrea published a new series of revelations.

The former pie maker pointed out that Kubrat even bought a house with his mistress. The folk singer ended the series with another blow. At the end of July, she presented the song “Egoist”, which everyone thinks was inspired by her breakup with the boxer. The scandalous star herself gave rise to speculations at the premiere of “Egoist” after she wrote on her Facebook account:

“For me, this project is very emotional! It happened in a period of my life when I lost myself and finally rediscovered myself. I really wanted to do something more than a video. Momentary states of love, passion, fall. We bet more on acting. game and I hope we don’t scare you! It’s all art and art is in me! “.

Kubrat Pulev, for his part, has only once commented on the topic. In his media appearance from the beginning of June, the boxer shared: “She is a unique person. There is no way a person like me has been with someone for so long. I will accept the guilt that Andrea and I failed. I’m sorry that we were unable to continue together. “

Despite this peaceful position, the assumptions were rather that this was only the beginning of the war between the two. Or at least by Andrea, which was reinforced by the premiere of the song “Egoist”. Therefore, it was an absolute surprise for her admirers, when in the last days of August, the blonde shared a link to the store with the branded items that are sold on the boxer’s website. “You can order your favorite T-shirt from here,” the folk singer urged her fans.

There was a torrent of reactions and emoticons, expressing surprise, as well as puzzling comments in which fans asked Andrea what was the reason for this move. Some directly asked her how she had until recently spread accusations of infidelity and lies against Kubrat Pulev on social networks, and now she is advertising it. Andrea never clarified, so the questions remain unanswered for now. However, some suggest that the blonde may have rethought her behavior. Moreover, in recent days Andrea has demonstrated high productivity and a positive attitude. She was in Bucharest, where she shared photos of herself posing in cut-out swimsuits. The industry commented that the reason for the singer’s trip is not just a vacation, but a new project that she will present soon.

From Bucharest, Andrea shared a long post on social networks, which calls for a positive attitude towards yourself and others, personal development, focus on positive emotions and behavior, wrote Weekend. It is no wonder that the former star of the chalga has overcome the separation with Kubrat Pulev and even reconciled with him, the industry commented on the change.

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