A completely WTF escape game inspired by the film Very Bad Trip arrives in Bordeaux | Hobbies

What is this mess ?

After a drunken night, you wake up in your friend’s apartment with no memory of the night before. You have been drugged by a guest and this is the Black Out total. However, this no one has an antidote to get you back on your feet. You will have one hour to find him and leave the apartment.

The craziest mission ever

In a reconstructed after-party apartment, larger than life, you will find yourself in a universe worthy of that of Agatha Christie. With typical British phone booth, vintage tapestries, collectables or fauteuils Cheesterfield. Ideal for immersing yourself in the body of an investigator (minus the hangover migraine) and solving the questions.more or less far-fetched riddles. Difficulty level, Escape Hunt rates this part 3/5 for the ddifficulty, 2/5 for reflection, 5/5 for searching and handling and the same for observation. As you will have understood, you will have to be pragmatic.

The escape game, called Black Out, is played at 3 or 4 people maximum. And you will have one hour, maximum, to escape this drunken night. Loans for this extraordinary experience halfway between the lived and the fantastic?

Black Out
Escape Hunt, Bordeaux
68 Rue Lafaurie de Monbadon, 33000 Bordeaux

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