a concrete step towards the first car

THE NUT IS DRAWN – After various talks, agreements and intermediate steps, it has been announced for a long time society to build theelectric car from Sony e Honda was officially born: it will be called Sony Honda Mobility and should launch its first car in 2025. The headquarters will be in Tokyo, the share capital will be 10 billion yen (about 70 million euros) and the shares will be held equally by Sony Group Corporation and Honda Motor Company. The name already reveals something interesting: Sony is in first place and Honda in second, as if to say that silicon “weighs” more than iron. The company will be very focused on mobility services and will also benefit from the experience of the young Sony Mobility division (who read more) to sell its vehicles in Europe, the United States and Japan.

DIVISION OF TASKS – From the joint press release we learn that “The new company will aim to bring together cutting-edge environmental and safety technologies, mobility development capabilities, vehicle manufacturing technology and after-sales service management experience. sale of Honda with the experience of Sony in the development and application of imaging, sensing, telecommunications, network and entertainment technologies with the aim of delivering new mobility and mobility services that are closely aligned with users and the environment and continue to evolve in the future ”.

PREMONITORY SIGNS – Sony has progressively made its ambition of enter the electric car industry in recent years bringing its concept VISION-S EV (in the pictures) at the last three editions of the CES in Las Vegas, that Consumer Electronic Show which has seen an increasing presence of car brands such as Hyundai. (laws who the news). These presentations highlighted Sony’s experience in the entertainment and software industry to highlight better potential in technology services (including autonomous driving) than traditional manufacturers. The early years the Vision-S felt more like a collection of advanced technology than the prelude to a real commitment to building an electric vehicle. The 2022 edition of CES instead saw an acceleration as Sony said it was “exploring a commercial launch” of the vehicle by forming the new company, Sony Mobility (who the news). In February, Sony’s chief financial officer said, “We won’t be making batteries or vehicles alone,” and that the company would focus on partnerships. Soon after, Sony and Honda signed a memorandum of understanding to highlight their intention to work together and now it was official.

PROFITS FROM SUBSCRIPTIONS – Honda, like other Japanese companies, has so far been little active in the development of electric vehicles, but the music could change because the new CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, was head of the research and development division. Let’s not forget that Honda said last April that it will invest 5 trillion yen ($ 37.16 billion) in electrification over the next 10 years to market 30 electric vehicles globally and build production capacity for 2 million vehicles. electricity per year by 2030 (who the news). In detailing its strategy, Honda said among other things that it will shift its business from hardware sales, which repeat after many years, to sales of services that combine hardware and software, which occur much more frequently.

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