A conference bringing together representatives of Arab, African, Asian, American and European investments


The HABI Investment Conference, entitled Egypt on the World Investment Map, will be held on Sunday (April 29th). The idea of ​​the conference is to gather representatives of Arab, African, Asian, American and European investments in three sessions, each discussing the future of foreign investment in Egypt and the plans of Egyptian foreign companies in the coming period. The first session will discuss Egypt’s position on the map of Gulf investments during the current year, and the opportunities and challenges of investment in a number of sectors, including telecommunications, health care, education, direct investment in private property, uncovering the economic sectors attracting investors of the Arabian Gulf at present and prioritizing them. The banker is not interested in heads Gulf Money Such as the banking sector.

The second session will focus on the vision of the European and American business representatives to develop the investment environment in Egypt in the light of the results of the economic reform program, the opportunities to maximize investment portfolios targeting the Middle East markets, and the plans of companies to expand in the industrial sector. In the area of ​​new technological cities, and the procedures needed to restore Egypt’s status on the global tourism map. The third session discusses the ability of the private sector to benefit from the government’s interest in joint economic relations with the countries of Asia and the continent by examining the challenges and opportunities in the most attractive sectors of Afro-Asian capital, the incentives for exchange of investments among these countries, Which was initiated by the two Korean companies Samsung and LG, and the expansion plans for Egyptian companies in the continent.


The conference will also feature a series of interviews with high-level figures, which will reveal the details of the development of economic plans in portfolios of ministers and the role of entities representing the business community in facing the challenges of their sectors and seize the opportunities available to them. © Amwal al-Ghad 2018


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