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Home Business A contract of 850 million for "petroleum construction" in Kuwait

A contract of 850 million for "petroleum construction" in Kuwait

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Kuwait Petroleum Company (KOC) has signed a contract for the construction of new container lines for desalinization at a number of assembly centers in order to raise the quality of crude oil extracted from these centers. , Which will be completed within 39 months.
The contract includes the installation of new desalination lines in four sites to be implemented according to the engineering, procurement and construction system.
Eng. Ahmed Salem Al Dhaheri, Chief Executive Officer of National Petroleum Construction, said: "The expansion regionally and internationally reflects the advanced level of services and products of the company, pointing out that the company continues to gain confidence from more major oil companies globally and locally.
He added that the award of this contract to the Petroleum Construction Company confirms once again that the company has become at the forefront of global companies operating in the oil and energy sector.

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