A Coruña: Alvedro, the fastest growing Galician airport in Galicia | Radio Coruña

Alvedro continues to grow. He coruñés airport The year started with a 15% increase in passengers compared to January 2019, standing at 104,792. Of the three in Galicia, it is the airport with the best balance in the last month, according to AENA, the manager of airport infrastructure. Most of the users (95,620) have used a domestic flight and 8,457 have been international.

Washing machine, in Santiago de Compostela, has increased the number of travelers by 0.4%. It has counted a total of 179,454 passengers in January.

Hairstyler has registered 64,055 passengers, which means a fall of 10.9 percent. 63,407 users have made a national commercial flight and 648 an international commercial one.

In Alvedro, in addition to the increase in passenger traffic with 15%, that of operations has experienced an increase of 8% with a total of 1,326 flights. More than 12 tons were moved in the Coruña terminal during the first month of the year.

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