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A Coruña: El Corte Inglés will dedicate two floors of Marineda City to fashion and home outlet | Radio Coruña

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The English Court has announced a reorganization of its commercial offer in A Coruña which, he assures, will involve the maintenance of all the firm’s jobs in the city. “It will not have any impact on the workforce,” he says through a statement in which he explains that the employees will be “distributed among the different business units of the company” in A Coruña.

The main novelty will be the conversion of the first and second floors of the Marineda City in a clothing and home outlet which will occupy a total of 10,000 square meters. The rest of the offer and services will be concentrated on the ground floor, so that the third floor will be left without activity.

“On the first floor, the entire fashion offer will be concentrated” with “more than 150 prestigious brands”. A “large store” of the Sfera brand will also be opened on this floor. “The concept of the home outlet will be developed in some 3,000 m2 on the second floor, with the divisions of furniture, textiles, decoration, etc.,” the statement said.

This remodeling will also mean the incorporation to the ground floor of the El Corte Inglés divisions of information technology, television and sound, telephone operators, large and small electrical appliances, as well as the Insurance Center. The Hipercor room remains on this floor.

At the same time, El Corte Inglés will reform three floors of the Ramón y Cajal that will be destined to home, technology and expansion of the sports section. In this shopping center, the firm will concentrate all its fashion offer.

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“In this way, El Corte Inglés also renews its commitment to the city, enriching its offer in its two main Centers and adding it to other business units that the group maintains in A Coruña and its metropolitan area, Supercor de Juana de Vega, Casa del Agua and Cuesta de la Tapìa (Oleiros), Altamira Opportunity Center, Fish Market and Travel Agencies, “the statement said.

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