A Coruña: The Bens treatment plant sends its data on the coronavirus in wastewater to the Xunta every week | Radio Coruña | Today for Today A Coruña

The Bens water treatment plant sends weekly to the Galician health authorities the results of the analysis of wastewater from A Coruña, Arteixo, Cambre, Culleredo and Oleiros to check the degree of presence of coronavirus in the population. Data that are passed on to the Department of Health so that the Committee of experts can take measures to slow down the even greater spread of the virus.

A team of researchers from the University of A Coruña, formed by Margarita Poza, Susana Ladra and Ricardo Cao, have been working on this project in recent months. The contract has just been renewed by the Board of Directors of the treatment plant, as announced Radio Coruña Cadena Cadena SER.

This is the first epidemiological system in wastewater developed in the world. In fact, the European Commission has asked the director of CovidBens, Margarita Poza, to explain it in one of its forums and will do so on December 2. After the completion of the first phase, the Board of Directors of the Bens treatment plant approved the renewal of the research project on the 12th of this month.

At the moment the new plan has not been designed but it is possible that an exhaustive search will be carried out by neighborhoods, areas or in certain buildings to advance in the degree of anticipation and prevention of Covid19.

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