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"A country in the hands of the narco-politicians, the premier risks a bad end"

Sali Berisha

The violence? If a people can not vote, the greatest violence is the violation of the vote. There are two capitals protesting today: Caracas against Maduro and Tirana against Edi Rama. The opposition made all the concessions and accepted all possible compromises by signing an agreement in May 2017. But Rama violated it, as it violated all the electoral rules. He has to resign and leave room for a transitional government that prevents him from managing and manipulating the vote. There will not be a future for Albania unless freedom of vote is re-established. In Tirana, bandits and drug traffickers now rule ". Sali Berisha, 75, historical leader of the Democratic Party (center-right), leads the protests of these days. For 13 years president and Albanian premier, he is the longest-serving leader of Albania post-Enver Hoxa.

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President, what is the reason for the protest?
"First of all it is a protest against the narco-state that commands in Albania, which does not follow any rule of law and in which traffickers and drug traffickers decide on everything and for everyone. But the underlying reason is the massive violation of electoral rules denounced by the international community in the OSCE report for which the vote was bought in 20 percent of the cases. A couple of months ago, a long dossier with thousands of interceptions of ministers and mayors of the narcopartito and narco-State of Edi Rama, from which emerge criminal infiltrations in various districts to buy the votes and impose certain results », became partially public".

What is the basis for these accusations?
"What I say is all tried. The former Minister of Energy and the Mayor of Durazzo, a close collaborator of Edi Rama who was interested in controlling the vote through the gangs, are involved in Durres, the most ferocious in the region. The election result has been turned upside down with threats and drug money in at least five districts. That dossier, published by the Voice of America Albanian section, is in the hands of the Public Prosecutor's Office ".

What do you ask Rama?
"That he leaves and allows the creation of a provisional government with the task of preparing free elections," conditio sine qua non "to guarantee social peace in Albania. Two years ago, on May 19, we signed an agreement to go to elections, but it failed, it did not respect it. With Rama free elections are not possible. The battle is very hard, but these protests have been a lesson that I hope Rama understands, otherwise he will have difficult days and his end will be terrible, people could kill him, he will throw him into the river. "

The international community has condemned the violence …
"True violence is violating the right to vote. The protests will continue until our requests are accepted. Back we do not come back. The students are no longer protesting, they are citizens. The situation is critical".

Is Edi Rama the premier architect, artist, open to Europe?
"Only an illusion. Edi Rama is the man who publicly protested against the entry of Tirana into NATO, has blocked Albania's status as a candidate for entry into the EU for two years because he did not vote for three laws for which the consensus came of the European Commission. And does not comply with any European rule. He has very close links with crime and drug trafficking. And it cultivates the old idea of ​​the Albanian communists of "useful crime". He descends from the high communist nomenklatura of Hoxa, his father was in the presidium, and "signed" the hanging of a dissident poet. "

What is the opposition program?
"European integration, that is, a functioning democracy and market economy. We are determined to do anything to enforce the rule of law and defeat crime. Edi Rama opened Parliament to killers. My exit is without a return. But I will do everything to make the Albanians vote like all European citizens. We are the only country in Europe with a semi-dictatorship like in Venezuela ».




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