A couple of influencers accused of mistreating their puppy

A puppy has been found with influencer couple Rop and Rocka FrenchRapQueen in a shocking state of abuse. The Animal Assistance Foundation said in a statement on Monday that it had filed a complaint.

Smashed legs, deformed head, cigarette burns…

Last Friday, after a report, the police officers of the Argenteuil anti-crime brigade (Val-d’Oise) recovered a puppy in poor condition at the influencer couple’s home Rop et Rocka FrenchRapQueen. The BAC immediately alerted the Animal Assistance Foundation for proven serious acts of abuse andacts of barbarism against a puppy, a four-month-old American Staffordshire terrier. According to the stories of BFM TVthe animal appeared in a very poor general condition. “The shattered legs, the head deformed by the blows, burns from cigarettes and acid, multiple fractures of the jaw, the hip“, this is how the emergency services discovered him.

Safe and renamed Hope

In a statement, the Animal Assistance Foundation indicates that they have filed a complaint against the couple of influencers for “serious abuse and cruelty to a companion animal, unnecessary mistreatment of a tamed domestic animal and denial of care“. Since her emergency rescue and the care provided, the puppy has been placed in foster care and renamed Hope. Contacted by TF1infothe Pontoise parquet floor “confirms the facts of animal abuse on a puppy, committed in Argenteuil“. “The investigation is currently underway, under the direction of the Pontoise public prosecutor’s office“, he specifies.