A “crazy rating” in Breisgau

Eighth place in the final table, the new stadium shortly before completion. As a supporter of SC Freiburg you have a lot of fun these days – also in Ratingen. Sascha Schims has just returned from a short trip to his “sporty home” with inspiring impressions.

With a view to the project currently under discussion to at least partially open the stadiums to fans again at matches, he says: “Better only domestic fans than none at all”. And he is one of them in Freiburg without any ifs and buts, even though he lives around 480 kilometers from the venue of his heart club.

The real Dumeklemmer in Breisgau is known and notorious for this. “In Freiburg, I am called: ‘our crazy Ratinger’,” says Schims, “but there is also something to it. I live my fancy being a Lotte. ”He has been active in the“ District 79 Supporters ”fan club for around three years,“ as the only outsider, ”as he emphasizes. He has been a member of the club for eight years. But the history of his followers is much longer. It begins at the age of eight.

In the mid-1980s, when the SCF was in an inconspicuous second division existence and even lagged behind local rival Freiburg FC in terms of popularity, Sascha was taken to a home game by his grandfather. “Actually a coincidence,” he recalls. “Grandpa had buddies there and it was said, ‘Come on, we’re going a little bit Soccer look ‘. And I just liked it there. ”An impression that should connect him to the club permanently.

“And the older I got, the more I started to be a fan.” The first independent visits to Freiburg games followed, in parallel to the sporting boom, the era of the “Breisgau Brazilians”, with promotion to the Bundesliga, who brought the sports club to the area around Ratingen more often. When he was also contacted via social networks from the Freiburg fan scene, his active followers continued to pick up speed. “It got even more intense there,” says Schims, “and from then on I went to home games more often.”

For the 42-year-old it has long been “as often as possible” Soccer to Freiburg, “at least once a month”. In NRW he also accompanies his club as hard as possible. And he even has a European Cup game in his fan vita: 2013 against Sevilla. At games in Freiburg he is quartered with friends, at games in the west he accommodates the friends with him in Ratingen. “Always a whole weekend,” says Schims, “and then together we make the respective city unsafe.”

In the stadium he can always be found on the standing room, at home on the north grandstand as well as away in the guest block, “always right in the middle”. And if he can’t be there on site, he sits in front of the TV in proper style at home – with a jersey and pine beer.

In general, Schims shows his origins in Freiburg as openly as his SCF love at home. When the passionate rifle brother became company king three years ago, he quickly outfitted his grenadiers with bollen hats typical of the Black Forest, while celebrating himself in the SCF jersey. In Freiburg, on the other hand, he always has his Ratingen flag with him. And since last week, a scarf by Germania Ratingen 04/19 has been hanging in a fan pub there.

The fact that SC Freiburg has now grown into the largest club in Baden does not prevent him from maintaining its original charm, as Schims assures: “Freiburg is something like the small Gallic village. A club that makes a lot out of very little. ”Something that the native of Ratinger fully identifies with:“ You have to work hard to achieve something in life. And there is my club like myself. “

He experiences his club as “very, very familiar” – which of course also applies to the fans: “They are personable, warm and friendly and also celebrate together with their opponents’ fans.” And there have been sports celebrations in Freiburg for years plentiful. “Playing first league – that is our own championship.” And if it should go down again? “Descending hurts, but you know: The troop is going uphill again”, Schims trusts another special feature of the club: “You stay calm and rely on continuity, even in times of crisis, not everything is questioned.”

What other wishes are there? “To be allowed to continue playing in the Bundesliga and to annoy the big clubs,” Schims looks humble. He nevertheless allowed himself a “dream”: “To be part of an international away game, preferably in England or Spain.”

Until then, Sascha Schims and his fan club will commute between Ratingen and Freiburg. And if you happen to run into them, there are actually only two options, as he emphasizes with a wink: “Either take it off or celebrate, which could be a little harder.” But certainly atmospheric – as always with the Freiburg Fans and their “crazy ratinger”.

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