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A crisis between Zamalek and Al Ittihad of Alexandria because of the Arab Championship

A crisis between the Zamalek and Al Ittihad clubs has been raging over the participation of Razzak Cisse and Ahmed Daouda, the duo of the French side's second-biggest team, in the two group meetings.

The white team will meet with the Union on October 27 in Borg Al Arab in the first round of the Arab Championship 16 and the return meeting will be held on November 30.

A source within Zamalek told "Erm News": "Murtada Mansour held the participation of the two partners: Cisse, and Daouda, in my meetings the two teams in the Arab Championship according to the agreement between the parties when signing the loan contracts."

He added: "The Alexandria Union refused to implement Zamalek's desire, and officials confirmed that the contract signed between the two parties is for local championships only, which will not participate the duo against Al-Obeid in the championship and the Egyptian Cup only."

He continued: "Al-Ittihad Club of Alexandria confirmed that the duo will participate naturally in my meeting the Arab Championship, and it is not right for Zamalek to object to this matter."

On the other hand, Mourtada canceled the membership of Hilmi Toulan, the former player and technical director of the White Citadel, and the current technical director of the Alexandria team.

The decision of Murtada because of the emergence of "Toulan" with the media Abdel Nasser Zidan more than once during the last period, especially as this media is always attacking the President of Zamalek.

Zamalek officials have justified the cancellation decision because the coach has not paid membership fees.

"My decision to delete my membership from Zamalek does not represent anything to me. I am a fan of the club and the club. Membership will not make me end my association with the white castle. I belong to the club and the entity, whether I hold membership or not," he told reporters.

Nader Shawki, head of the Egyptian club El Gouna, explained the fact that there were offers from Al Ahly and Zamalek to buy Cameroon's Joseph Nguyem, left back in January.

Shawki said during a private statement to "Erm News" that the player did not receive official offers from Ahli and Zamalek, or any other club, explaining that Nguyem told him to talk with some of the agents in a friendly manner of interest of the two clubs to include.

Shawki pointed out that officials of Al-Ahli did not talk to him officially, but perhaps after the injury of Tunisian Ali Maaloul left-back 3 months away, the player entered the accounts of the Red Castle.

He said he had received assurances from some intermediaries that Zamalek officials were interested in joining the club but did not make any official offers or talk to him to determine Najoom's price.

Nguyem, 27, joined El Gouna early this season, plays for Cameroon, fought 10 internationals and made 3 goals this season.



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